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Spring Storm Info
Posted on 05/28/24
This mornings storm was quite severe, causing damage to trees and property. The City of Coppell has set up a page on their site to help address a number storm related of issues, including emergency notifications, power outages, who to contact for assistance, and debris clean-up. As many residents are dealing with debris, below is what they have provided:
With many different trees downed or damaged in the area, the Community Development Department is working with Republic Services to assess damage and coordinate a cleanup effort to help residents get rid of branches or debris resulting from the storm. The City’s goal is to provide you with time to clean up debris and offer convenient options for disposal. Until a schedule is determined, you have several options:   
  • Residents can cut and bundle brush and tree trimmings in bundles of less than four feet long and tie the bundles with cotton or jute string to be picked up on Wednesday, with green waste collection. Bundles must weigh less than 40 pounds. All debris put out to be picked up as part of Wednesday green waste collection must be bundled or tied.
  • For large debris, place debris in the front right-of-way (between sidewalk and the curb) without blocking the sidewalk or roadways, if possible. Limbs do not need to be tied and bundled. Any limb 12 inches or greater in diameter or weighing more than 50 pounds must be placed in the front right-of-way.
  • Residents with a valid form of identification showing a Coppell address and a Coppell water utilities bill can take their debris to the landfill for free. If the address on your water bill and driver's license match, you can access the landfill for free once a month.
  • You may hire a contractor at your expense to cut and haul off your debris, which likely result in a more immediate response until pick-up schedules are set.
To view the green waste collection schedule or find information about the landfill, visit If you have questions about storm debris disposal, email Environmental Health ( or contact us by phone at 972-462-5177 or 972-462-5164.

Wishing everyone safety and a swift recovery as we navigate through this together.
April Community Updates
Posted on 04/14/24
1. New Website is LIVE - Thanks to our awesome webmaster, Teri Pratt, the new Creekview website has gone live!  Everyone should have received an email to login and update your password.  Please do so if you have not as of yet. The website was selected for several reasons that will have a positive impact on both board members and the neighborhood.  As we transition to the new website, you may notice some updates and changes over the first few months as we determine the best placement for information and organizational layout.  Quarterly meeting minutes will be loaded under the "Secretary" section and updated budget information will be loaded under the "Treasurer" section. 
2. Neighborhood Survey - The long awaited neighborhood survey is coming out.  Thank you for your patience while the board worked on several other high priority items that were in-process.  The survey will be sent to all in our email list - please note that only one survey response per household will be included in the tally.  Please talk to your spouse / significant other in your household to determine whose survey is submitted!  Complete the survey to ensure we gather the voice of the homeowners.
3. Board Meeting – The next quarterly meeting of the HOA Board will be held on Sunday, April 21st at 1:00 PM.  The first 15 minutes will be “open” for any homeowners to provide comments or input for the board to add to the agenda for the next meeting or take action on (i.e. repair request, etc.).  This is to provide input, not to work any topic at the meeting.  The balance of the meeting time will be to cover the following:
  • Open Session (~45 min via zoom - details to be posted later this week)
  • Gather Homeowner input (15 min)
  • Treasurer updates
  • Infrastructure updates (repairs underway, etc.)
  • Committee Updates (social, welcome, etc.)
  • Outstanding issues not covered above (early look at survey response)
  • Executive Session (Zoom to be turned off) 
4. Annual Meeting - Our plan this year is to move the timing of our annual meeting to a Saturday morning instead of a hot, sticky night in June.  The notice for the meeting will also go out within the next 10 days with a date of June 22nd
Thank you, and enjoy this lovely Spring weather!
New Website
Posted on 03/25/24
Welcome to our new website!  You will be receiving an email with your login information when the site is officially launched this week.   You can still view the "old" site during the transition by going to